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[DMU Ban appeal] Your MC Username: jeffyoustuped21 Reason for ban: rudeness to staff and other players Ban Length: forever

PLEASE NOTE: I wish for this post not to be judged by either rhyno or bug as they would have a biased opinion against this.


Minecraft username: jeffyoustuped21

Why you were banned: rudeness to staff and other players

Ban duration: forever

What were you doing last on the server: building a car park outside of the newly built asda at ./warp shop

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): I was banned of being ruded which is a mutable offence. Yes i believe i should be muted. The reason i was being rude to staff is because right before a lag removal, thatrhynoguy (the only moderator on the server at the time) threw my sword out of my inventory. I know it wasnt me who did it because about a week earlier i dropped my sonic in toxic waste so i disabled my drop key and my sword was on full health with mending on so it wasnt ready to break. So the moderator through the sword too late and i was able to get the sword back which was right in front of me. So politely, i asked them not to do it again, which the moderator then denied ever doing. About ten minutes later (or however long the intervals between lag clearence is), the moderator did it again, this time successfully deleting my diamond sword with mending and sharpness 2. So i did get stressed and angry at that point as this isnt the first time this particular moderator has done something like this, and i was already stressed when a junior moderator earlier today wasnt doing their job (this was fixed by 1wtc). Then i got angry and told them (possibly with and angry tone) why they did that and they kept being sarcastic and along with the rest of the chat who was also being rude to me, stressing me out more by name calling ect. I didnt know what to do, nobody would get my sword back (at this point bug came online) i wanted help from him to get my sword back but everyone was denying i ever had a sword, yet if you check my brother (itsjustjamboss) inventory, he should have the exact same type of sword with a different name then "a stick" which was my sword name. We got those swords at the same time so you can check the logs and the exact time of that sword and an item from me as they will prove i did actually have a sword and this is some kind of lie.


So to sum up:

* ThatRhynoGuy: Dropped my sword

* me: asks why

* ThatRhynoGuy: Does it again (successfully dropping and deleting it)

* me: gets angry and stressec

* chat: being rude

* me: being rude back

* me: got banned permenately for being rude.


I am sorry I was being rude and in my defence, i believe the moderators should be regularly checked to see if they are up for the task of being a moderator as two moderators breaking rules in one day shouldn't happen. 

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