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DM Bugle - The meteor has hit spawn!

DM Bugle

The Meteor has hit spawn!

By Ben1Ben1


A meteor has hit spawn destroying it completely. This means we need a new spawn! 


Staff have started putting some temporary fixes in place. You may notice the digger built by Rhyno, or the cake to fill in the hole by some anonymous staff member ;).

We are currently making a plan of what we want the new spawn to look like! I personally just think a field full of cake would do, but apparently it needs to be a bit more detailed. I suggested a mix of normal cake and fruit cake, but it still wasn’t good enough!


So we want to hear your opinions on a new spawn - what do you think we should build it like?


In the past we’ve had cities, parks, trees, futuristic builds - it can be anything! Doctor who related stuff is always best!


Tell us your ideas in the DM Bugle discord or in the thread below!


Have fun,


I did quite liked the simplistic spawn that was there originally, but because of everything that has happened around spawn, it should be more built up a bit or turned into a park area. Maybe a bit of interactive activities dotted around the place like the great cake eating contest in one area, while another area could be a petting area for PFDs and Llamas etc. The tree swing MUST return in my opinion, and maybe remove a couple of unnecessary things like Cy's knock-off rank shop (sorry Cy).

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