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DM Bugle - DMU Review - Suits n’ Stuff

DM Bugle

DMU Review - Suits n’ Stuff

By Ben1Ben1


Welcome to the first in a new series on the DM Bugle - DMU Review! We will be looking over a range of shops, towns, events, projects and more on DMU. and reviewing them! Details on how to get your builds reviewed at the end of the post!


Today we will be reviewing Suits n’ Stuff owned by FizzyLearner59 and The_Master0001.

This is a fantastic soon-to-be big shop on Gallifrey, it’s co-ordinates are 9019 64 9028. It sells a variety of products including SWD Space Suits, Plastic, Sonic Crystals and armour stands. These are all vital for beginner players trying to explore DMU, so it is a fantastic shop for beginners. 


The shop is open every day from 6pm to 10pm GMT - meaning it is open a lot! There’s plenty of tardis parking, so can handle lots of players at once.


They are looking at expanding the shop, and are hoping to soon start selling white-point stars, ghast tears, and dalekanium.


Ben’s top tip: They have 50% off all suits on Sundays so make sure to buy your suits then! You also will receive a 20% off coupon for your next purchase! A mega deal!


If you are interested in working for their shop as staff, you can apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSegFXIjqAbDX3jguqJjcfvhxIXSmvM_4TpxDZYL9CdLaAZjjQ/viewform?usp=sf_link



As I said, I think this is a fantastic shop for beginners! It’s still very much in its early phases but has some great foundations! Currently I’d give this shop 7 cakes out of 10! I’m really excited to see how they expand!


If you would like one of your DMU builds or projects to be checked out, either pm me on discord - Ben1Ben1#9857 - or send a message about it in the DM Bugle discord or reply to the thread below!


Hope you all enjoyed this new format! Have a great day!



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