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TARDIS Interiors

So I have been pretty bored over the past 2 days so I decided to make a few tardis interiors. Gonna be making more and I can't wait to see what new blocks are gonna be added in the next updates.

Snow Globe TARDIS:

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Planning on adding some sort of background so you can't see other interiors.

Mirror TARDIS:

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Not my best interior. Good idea but bad execution.

TARDISes I don't have names for (This will be most of them as I didn't really go with a theme for any):

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Looks pretty cool, I like the Snow Globe the most

 yes it does benelf

also can the swdteam make that snow-globe tardis into a tardis

Quick tardis interior build. Going to be working on adding rooms possibly 

 Wow MarvellousGoat you love the colour grey in your tardis

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