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DM Bugle - Dalek Mod 1.15 - What we know so far

DM Bugle

Dalek Mod 1.15 - What we know so far

By Ben1Ben1


Hey all!


Sorry for the many shorter random posts from me this week! 


Today I’ve collected together some information about 1.15 Dalek Mod. This information has all been discussed by swdteam members in the swd community discord, however since it’s a busy place I thought I’d collate it here!


What’s been added so far?


We hear about random features added to the mod every now and then. We know dimensions have been added, and that Daleks have been added. Quite a few decorational blocks have been added, and in some pictures we can see a Dalek gun. I’m sure there has been lots more added already, however we only have limited pictures to know!


Simpler more “minecrafty” models


This is quite common knowledge about 1.15 Dalek Mod. The issue with 1.15 is that it is very laggy when using the models we currently have in 1.12 DM. Also the 1.12 models are lovely and detailed, however that often doesn’t fit in very well with the other Minecraft models. Because of this, the 1.15 models will be simplified, and their texturing is also being improved to fit the minecraft style better. For all you nerdy asset creators out there, all models will now be JSON as well.


Custom tardises???


One of the most interesting features being added to 1.15 is the ability to make your own custom exteriors more easily. There is also a blockbench exporter being made so you can easily create your own exteriors in blockbench. 


There’s also improvements being added for interiors, with new commands allowing you to save them and then reuse them in other interiors. This will give you so many opportunities to produce a fully custom tardis!


1.15 or 1.16?


1WTC explained today, the current plan is to export the first version as 1.15. Currently the 1.16 version is buggy for mod development so they are building the mod as 1.15 and planning on porting it later. The hope is by the time they have finished the initial development of the mod, 1.17 will be out which hopefully will be easier to mod dev with and can be ported to instead of 1.16.


We do have an image of some features ported to 1.16, taken by 1WTC!

Dalek Mod 1.15 release date?


We don’t know the exact release date, however we know they are aiming to release DM 1.15 early 2021. The first few updates will be a beta, and will not contain many of the normal 1.12 DM features. They are aiming for it to be a U6- update, so shouldn’t be too long at all!


DMU 1.15


There hasn’t been much discussed about 1.15 DMU. We know the server exists and that SWDTeam has started building key areas such as the spawn. When DM 1.15 is first released, DMU 1.15 won’t be released straight away since the mod will still be in early development. 



This is definitely not everything from 1.15, so if you know anything else please let us know below or in the DM Bugle discord! I’d like to thanks Bug1312 for helping me collect some of this information.


Have a great day,


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