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DM Bugle - DMU Review - The Sonic Shop

DM Bugle

DMU Review - The Sonic Shop

By Ben1Ben1


Hey everyone!


Welcome to this weeks DMU Review and today we will be reviewing "The Sonic Shop" owned by Flint. This is a very old shop which I have visited many times!


They have a range of stock however they specialise in sonic devices (hence the name). They are all at fantastic prices! Other items they sell include sonic crystals, tardis keys and lapis blocks, referencing the old recipes to make tardises.


The shop has really kindly set up a promotion just for the readers of the bugle! How cool is that! So if you use the code "BUGLE" at the checkout you will recieve 50% off until the 20th January! What a bargain - I may have to go down there and buy some sonics now.


If you would be interested in applying to work at the shop, message Flint on discord (Flint#6634).


To get to the shop just take their warp pad! Super easy.


From my point of view as I said, this is such a classic shop that is brilliant for beginner players to experienced players. Great building with an interesting design.


I rate "The Sonic Shop" 8.5/10 Cakes!


See you next week!


Thanks for the opportunity to show up in the bugle Ben! it was an honour!

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