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DM Bugle - The Doctor’s Tomb!

DM Bugle

The Doctor’s Tomb

By Ben1Ben1

Hey all,


Sorry only a short post today - been a bit busy!


I just wanted to talk about an awesome mini event by ThatRhynoGuy.


Travel to 3027/68/-3027 on Trenzalore to see the doctors tomb as seen in “The Name do the Doctor”. To enter the interior, look for the entrance by River’s grave!

This is a fantastic recreation of the Doctor’s tomb! You can see the exterior clearly above the ground after the size leak and then explore the broken interior. Rhyno has done an amazing job making it look as realistic as possible, while also keeping it minecrafty and lots of fun!


I think it’d be great if we had some more recreations of key doctor who events on DMU. If you have an idea for what could be made, let me know below!


Again sorry for a short article and I’ll see you tomorrow for a hopefully longer one! (Maybe it might even be muppettastic?)



You guys could totally recreate The Tomb of the Cybermen!

If anyone has any ideas of things that can be built on the server feel free to PM me on discord! Make sure it’s been featured in Doctor Who and the location is on the server! 

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