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DM Bugle - Muppets on DMU?!

DM Bugle

Muppets on DMU?!

By Ben1Ben1


YES! Muppets are on DMU!


I’ve decided to open a new town on DMU themed around muppets! It’s still WIP but is really coming along so I thought I’d share some info about it here! You can check it out at -3880 66 6401.


Our centre building currently is the theatre, as I think the theatre is the most iconic muppet set. 

We are planning on holding our own muppet shows there, with complex special effects and a range of different scenes. We will need lots of help with this, details at the end of the article!


The town has many references to other muppet episodes. Firstly you can see the large statues of muppets, currently including Swedish Chef and Kermit! They tower above the town, really bringing together the muppet joy!


The town is mainly based on Sesame Street, with colourful buildings and creative streets. Thanks to UnderdevelopedRacoon for developing the majority of the town! You will soon be able to get your own houses. Currently we have one restaurant which is Swedish chef themed - of course.


Future plans for the town include adding a Christmas Carol themed area and a muppet school from Sesame Street!


As I said, we would really appreciate everyone’s help on this project! To find out more, please join our discord here: https://discord.gg/adZxk7N2X3


Hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday!




From a very unbiased point of view, the town is great!

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