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Bring back the detailed items

There are people like me who DONT have potato computers that would like this, so maybe have two versions of Dalek Mod: 1 version for potato computers, and 1 for good computers. Or, better yet, have an option to turn that on/off in the options menu.

I believe some people have made texture packs that have the old textures ask someone on the discord someone there probably has a texture pack

The models weren’t changed just because of lag. They were also changed to fit better in the style of Minecraft. Detailed models will not officially come back however resource packs could be made.


alright, then. I'll ask in Discord for the texture pack.

We're not bringing back the detailed models. They don't fit with the Minecraft style and are too laggy. 


It's alright suggesting having an opinion to turn them on / off but then that means twice the work for us. The aim is the make all the assets in the same style as the game.


We've specifically designed 1.16 in this style, however we've also put a lot of work into 1.16 to allow people to change any model they want using resourcepacks. All blocks, entities and everything else you can think of will be able to be changed in a resourcepack

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