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[DMU Ban appeal] Your MC Username: jeffyoustuped21 Reason for ban EVERYTHING

Minecraft username:

Why you were banned: Joe hates me

Ban duration: Forever

What were you doing last on the server: Shutting down TARDIS school because people grief it a lot

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): I was never given any warnings, i talked to the moderator in chat which made me think i was unmuted and i did /say to get a coloured message to tell people TARDIS school is shutting down. And i was given a last chance of 1wtc which to my knowledge i have not yet broken

sorry you got banned FOR EVER i got banned once dont ask why x-ray

dcb please don't comment on appeal if you have nothing useful to add. Jeff staff are looking over your appeal you will hear from us soon. 

Hi Jeff,


I shall be taking your appeal today.


To start off, I should like to say that you were not banned because 'Joe hates you'. If we were allowed to ban because we disliked someone then that would be just unfair.


So lets go into why Joe took this action shall we?

I mean... that kind of says everything right there really. You have been told repeatedly by staff and other players to stop being rude and abusive to DMU Staff. This behaviour will not be tolerated, neither by DMU Staff nor SWDTeam.
You were banned previously for this (Including accusing me of deleting items from your inventory, despite me showing evidence otherwise). 1WTC allowed you a final chance after that last ban and this is how you broke it. 

It is clear to me from looking through your chat history since you were last unbanned on 3rd January 2021 that you have indeed NOT learned your lesson, this leaves me to believe that if I unban you you will still not learn so I have to inform you that your appeal is hereby DENIED.

As I am feeling generous I shall allow you to appeal in 3 MONTHS time (17th April 2021). I hope you use this time to reflect upon your actions and behaviour.

Appeal Denied. This thread is now locked.

- DMU Ultra-Admin

This thread has been locked.