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DM Bugle - A New Bugle Writer!!

DM Bugle

A New Bugle Writer!!

By Ben1Ben1




We are looking for a new bugle writer!


We currently don’t write much about WOTW Mod so we are looking for a writer who mainly focuses on WOTW Mod. You will be expected to write one post a week. You will have lots of support and it is a lot of fun! You can talk about the mod, it’s server and any WOTW related stuff, along with some other articles which do not have to be related to WOTW.


To apply, please pm me on discord - Ben1Ben1#9857. I would like you to send me an example article you have written, preferably about WOTW mod. Make it an awesome one! 


I’d also love to hear about what you think you could add to the bugle.


Make sure to put all your effort in! Pm me if you have any questions.


You’ve got until Friday 29th to write your articles and send them to me!


Good luck!


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