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By Ben1Ben1

We’ve had some fantastic content from the SWDTeam channel this week which I highly recommend but I’d like to use this post to talk about a game they played which I’ve always loved - terraria. SWDTeam posted a video of John, John and Mae learning and playing terraria.


They say they’ve apparently played it before, but at the same time have absolutely no clue what is happening. I’ve played about 3 hours of terraria, and I would be an expert compared to them. 


1WTC within minutes starts cheating as he somehow has a magic mirror and wings. He has a bird who fights for him, who I think is very cute and I’ve named Sid. Sid should be the new protagonist of the series in my opinion.


Mae spends the first few minutes throwing all her stuff everywhere, eventually leading to 1WTC picking it up. Mae then goes on a wander exploring the world without the boys, #Feminism #MaeDon’tNeedNoMan. Well. Until she needs her axe ,which she threw at 1WTC, to enter a tree dungeon. 


The three explore the tree dungeon where 1WTC uses the dynamite which he “mysteriously received” to blow up the area. This leads to water going everywhere and Mae and Reddash both drowning. RIP 2021. Somehow 1WTC survives - the cheat. 


They then battle zombies using their ultimate weapons - Dynamite and Sid, which ironically is also the name of my new soap opera. Mae dies again :( They then go exploring and find the “evil purple biome where all the evil monsters live”. Sid apparently dies but I don’t believe 1WTC - Sid can never die! They then close off the episode. E. E. E.


So to summarise - 1WTC cheats, Mae explores and Reddash swears - a lot. OH and Sid. The end. 


Definitely looks like an awesome series to continue watching! I absolutely loved this episode and this is coming from someone who basically never watches any SWDTeam videos (please don’t fire me thanks) 


Got any terraria tips for SWDTeam? Leave them below and I’m sure SWDTeam will read it since they love the bugle. Now can I get a pay rise?

I spent about half on hour in terraria trying to figure out how doors work, I

make swd look like experts

k we ben your wish for not being fired comes true as your a founder of the bugle 

I have been playing terraria for about 4 months, and I am quite good, I wish swd team would do good xD  get some npcs at least,  you need a table/crafting bench light source door, walls and seat



Lol stop calling it 2d Minecraft, and let me play with u :)

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