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DM Bugle - Xplosives go BOOM!

DM Bugle

Xplosives go BOOM!

By Ben1Ben1


Hey all!


So I’m gonna say a little silly. I never realised Xplosives was a SWD Mod. I am ashamed, I am a #FakeFan. I’ve played this mod quite a bit in the past, but I must have never linked together the two things!


But I am over the moon to find out it’s now being updated for 1.16! If you want a video of SWDTeam playing with the features check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tb0qDqqfns&feature=youtu.be . You can watch Mae being murdered by Reddash and 1WTC over and over! Also on a side note - isn’t that thumbnail sooo hotttt. 


Anyways back to the mod - so yes it is now for 1.16! This is great because you can blow up piglins :) Haha bacon go boom.


The mod focuses on different xplosives but I believe one of its most unique features compared to other explosive mods is that it you can blow up the TNT using normal TNT lighting methods but also using the black box! This is a gun that shoots the different explosives or in the words of Mae “Pew pew boom boom”.


Probably the least deadly bomb is the snowball bomb. Imagine like Frosty the Snowman from North Korea. Snowballs exploding everywhere. It’s really pretty and a great way to cover the ground in snow. When combined with other bombs it looks amazing. 


Packed TNT is very similar to normal TNT but it has BIG BOOM.  With a much bigger explosion radius it’s a great way to break a bunch of blocks or grief your mate’s house.


The Bone Meal Bomb is so thrilling. It’s just the best bomb around. It. Makes. Grass. Wowwwwww. Very cool much wow.


Cluster bombs are lots of fun. TNT that births more TNT! Boom that makes more boom! A fantastic tool to blow up a large area or blow Mae up with.


Now my favourite bomb. Matt Bombs otherwise known as Physics Bombs. They just are so beautiful throwing up all the blocks into the air, and then they rotate and ughhhh it’s just sooo nice. Imagine blowing up Cake with it. Cake flying through the sky. 


Fireblast TNT is the griefers dream - blow up the building and then set it on fire in one small swoop. I can imagine this being one of reddash’s favourite. You can then upgrade this with the Incendiary Bomb, which throws up fire the same way as the physics bomb throws up blocks. I guess you could say it’s pretty lit. 


Then the final bomb I’m going to talk about is the arrow bomb. This shoots lots of arrows up into the air and if you wish to watch it in action, make sure to watch the video!


There are still quite a few more tools and bombs which I haven’t spoken about so make sure to check out SWDTeam’s channel and to just download the mod and play with it. 


I love this mod and will definitely be doing more forum posts around it! Let me know in the thread below any suggestions for bombs you have and I’ll look over them in a future post!




P.S Mae, if you need are being held hostage by SWDTeam to be blown up - blink twice. We can come save you!

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