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A block that converts RF, FE, into TARDIS fuel.

name Of The block: TARDIS energy converter




Description: allows modded RF, FE, ect  generator to refuel the TARDIS, also slowly refuels the TARDIS when a near temporal rift area for absorbing the Arton energy  




Lore/Brief Background: the TARDIS is able to absorb energy and convert it into fuel, of course, it can also refuel on area scarred with rift energy but it takes time.


 How would it affect gameplay: it would be an expensive item to craft that automatically refuel the TARDIS when its near a rift or can be used to turn RF, FE from others mods for the TARDIS.


reasons: Since you guys added the fuel meter for a TARDIS and made the TARDISes be able to cross modded dimensions, it wouldn't far fetch if you guys modded a block that can convert energy into a TARDIS hunger meter, like the fuel block, of course, this would be made to be more expensive but it would really be cool since you already made the TARDIS be able to go to modded dimensions as this would be great with some mod packs or other mods.

For example, there a mod that uses a black hole as an energy reactor, and in Time Lord canon they use collapsing stars to power their TARDISes.

SF4] things disappearing : SkyFactory

Overdrive Fusion Reactor mod.

Doctor Who – Journey to the Center of the TARDIS. Pictured is the Eye of  Harmony – a star in the process of becoming a black hole. It… | Black hole,  Tardis, WhovianThe eye of harmony. (both pictures not mine and belong to their respective owner)


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