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A way to actually become a time lord with a Chameleon Arch. A Time lord or timeless child update

name Of The Block: Chameleon Arch 




Description: A Chameleon Arch can be used to rewrite your biodata into a Time Lord, of course, the process is going to be painful using it.


how it changes gameplay: it would allow player to become Time Lords as the Chameleon Arch would probably be near end game stuff to do to be able to turn into one, I have been thinking for the crafting recipe to be a blank Chameleon circuit with steel and steel blocks with either a nether star or a diamond, like in the show using it would harm you, taking multiple hearts of damage, maybe needing Time Lord pocket watch too.


How would being a Time Lord change gameplay: After becoming one, the player would get 20 extra hearts (due to Time lord having two hearts),  able to stay underwater without air longer, and able to feel the mood of your TARDIS, sense other time lords, be able to trade or learn skills from Time lords, and a new tab key for a skill tree showing abilities that you can learn, like going into a healing coma when you go to bed, phantoms less likely to spawn when you don't sleep (we don't see the doctor sleep that much and time lords don't need much sleep), can unlock the TARDIS door with a bind key making a snapping sound, can feel when a weeping angel is nearby due to they power to send people back in time and or Daleks, can tell where your TARDIS is by pressing a bind-key. 


of course, there would be some negative side effects like Daleks would stop attacking other mobs and focus on attacking you since your a Time Lord, or Weeping angels would more likely target you, more of a chance that a dangerous DM mob spawn to kill you, and maybe the family of blood spawning on rare occasions and attack you, feeling nausea when your TARDIS takes too much damage, Jadoon become hostile to you, your TARDIS becoming jealous when you use another one, your TARDIS taking damage or being affected when your too injured, and among other things.




Lore/Brief Background: A Chameleon Arch in the show was able to change the Doctor into a human, this can be used as a way for people to become Time Lords.












SWD has been able to do so much about the TARDISes, planets, and mobs, that maybe its time for it to be more player focus.




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