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DM Bugle - New Bugle Writer!

DM Bugle

New Bugle Writer!

By Ben1Ben1

We had so many brilliant applicants for the position of Bugle Writer. I read some amazing applications, and it was clear everyone put a lot of effort into them.


Thank you to everyone who applied. It’s great to see so much passion for the bugle!


Well it’s time to announce the new bugle writer!


The new Bugle writer is................




Congratulations Sigma! I loved your article and felt it really suited the bugle style! It really made me laugh out loud. I also learnt lots about WOTW myself!


Make sure to look out for future posts by Sigma in the future! We are really looking forward to having you on the team.


Again thank you to all the applicants work, I really appreciate it.


Until next time,


YES! I WAS HOPING IT WAS SIGMA! Well done hope you do great!

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