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DM Bugle


By Ben1Ben1



As I’m writing this, Olly is streaming a random event of capture the flag on DMU. You can watch his streams here: https://www.twitch.tv/totallynotollyyyy 


I’m here to give a live breakdown of what’s happening but there’s a small issue. I can’t have the stream open while writing, so basically I’m just gonna guess what’s happening. 


First thing I will say - Olly has a webcam and I don’t like it. He keeps staring into my soul. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to hypnotise me. I’d say it didn’t work but I’ve already plugged his twitch so I think it has. Also his hair is so fluffy by the way, it just bounce.


Secondly, Olly is using a reusable water bottle so go Olly! Great job saving the turtles. Olly is pro-turtles which automatically makes him a VSCO girl so please make sure to tell him that.


Now about the match. Well I saw the first round and blue won so good game blue. It was a close match but not at all since blue smashed them. Seems Olly’s bedwars training has been worth it.


This is now when I will have to guess what happens.


In the second round team (blank) narrowly beats team (blank) by using a cheeky strategy of (blank). This manages to trick the other team, and they win with a total of (blank) banners.


The third round is a close call. (Blank) cheats by doing (blank) which means (blank) dies quickly. Finally (blank) lands a final blow, meaning (blank) wins that round.


The overall winner is (blank) so congratulations (blank)! Better luck next time (blank).


I’d like to thank the ,unknown to Olly, sponsor of the event - Ben’s Banners. They are an amazing company that you should definitely check out.


Well what an informative article. I bet you all learnt lots.


Make sure to support Olly on twitch, and get him to turn his webcam off since it scares me.


Until next time,



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