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DM Bugle - Guest Writers

DM Bugle

Guest Writers

By Ben1Ben1

Hi all!


So recently we've had more and more people asking if they could guest write for the bugle.


This is amazing that people are interested in doing this! We'd love more and more interaction with the community. 


Because of this I'm looking at how best to implement a system for this. 


We have a pretty consistent posting timetable, therefore there aren't regular gaps for guest writing. I also don't want this to promote ghost writers *looks at coke*. 


Here's the plan. If you want to guest write - please message me with your idea for an article. You can contact me on minecraft, or on discord Ben1Ben1#9857. Once I've spoken to you, and agree with the idea you can write your article! I'm happy to help you however you need it. 


Once you've written it, you can send it to me.  Then it'll be saved in a bank of articles to be posted at a later date. It'll be used to replace a regular article.


This is hopefully an awesome experience for everyone who takes part, and the more people who take part the better! You will also be rewarded with a role on the discord. 


If you have any questions please do speak to me! If you aren't sure whether you'd like to take part, I'd recommend you just give it a go! I will help you however I can. 


This will always be available, it isn't a limited time opportunity.



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