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Made up backstory about Ben

Good day, everyone today will be a short story and then a crossword now let us dive into the backstory of Ben and his love for cakes this is just my made-up backstory for him.


(Please do not fire me)


Now then it was so many years ago that a young man named ben was born he was just like many kids his age till his love for cakes, started to separate him from the old friends he had in place, he then bought the game called Minecraft and joined the Swd server and discord. In which time he applied to be a staff member moving on to current times he has helped at Santa’s grotto. Made zero contribution to any update video’s unless you count the fruit cake then yes one but most of all the passion, he has for his own sub-discord called Dm Bugle.

But though all this his love for cakes was still burning in his heart, now then let us talk about DMU for a bit you see the staff love Ben and to be fair I do not blame them, he is that one guy you know will always be there to talk to should you need it. But most importantly he has a place in his heart for cakes and for you. Give him a cake and you cannot go wrong with him.


Now it is time for the puzzle can you find all the words that are in the crossword first one to finish will be able to have an article wrote for them by me.  Ben1Ben1 - Crossword Labs


Please leave your results down below winner will be picked on Sunday at 12pm gmt

Aw thanks Brett. That’s a nice surprise. The sad news is I can’t even solve a crossword about myself haha

ok a update someone has messed with the crossword until I find out who it'll be back to storys

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