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DM Bugle - Guest Article - DMU Economy

DM Bugle 

DMU Economy 

By Acen

Hey All! Ben here! We have our first guest article today by Acen. If you would like to write your own guest article, find out details here: https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9132. Enjoy the article!

So Hello There!

I know you were not expecting this, but Ben most graciously let me write a bugle article.

Thanks Ben otherwise Penguin would have published this without giving me credit.

Anyway, today we will be looking at our most favourite corrupt economy. That’s right, we will be having a look at DMU’s economy.

So, some days ago I started a little survey on DMU’s economy (thanks to the 32 people who participated) and put in some basic questions to get a basic understanding of DMU’s economy. Also stay around till the end to learn how to crash the economy.

Now when I look at the results of this survey, I straight up noticed that over 50% of people own a shop on DMU (to be exact that was 60%), and 38% of those 60% had a warp (that is 24% of the total)

Now for anyone still confused 40% of people don’t own a shop, 36% have a shop without a warp and 24% have a shop with a warp.

Right now, those were the analytics of roughly how many people own a shop, and now we get to the juicy part. Yes, that’s right we are getting to the money and how you can best set up a successful shop. Now there is no denying the fact that people with a shop tend to get more money.

When doing this survey there was a lot to pay attention to. Generally, it can be said that warped shops earn more money than not warped shops with exceptions of course cough cough the people who have 1+ Million$ cough cough.

I also had to pay attention to how long people are playing DMU for. Here interestingly enough the longer you play doesn’t directly mean you will have more money. Yes, people who have been playing less than a month generally have less money but in the long run it doesn’t really make a difference. People who played for five months generally don’t have less money than someone who played since the server reset. The most logical explanation is probably that the more time you have to earn money the more time you have to spend it.

So then, back to the subject of shops. Of course, I took the time to go to the shops on DMU and have a look at their stock and how that affects the shop owners balance (up to one exception I only looked at warped shops). What I noticed is that shops that generally sell for a bit lower than average with a big variety of stock earn the most profit. The trick here is to have a shop we a wide variety of useful items, here you should note that vanilla items and items needed for a Tardis crafting recipe sell best, at a low price (not to low otherwise you will make to little profit) are the best way to go. It’s also best to have a warp and a discord.


Now to the part everyone has been waiting for!

How to break the economy:

So basically, all you want to do is sell your stock for extremely cheap prices. I know, I know I told you that you shouldn’t sell your stuff for too low otherwise you won’t make enough profit, but this is not about making profit it’s about breaking the economy. If you sell your stock for extremely cheap prices more people will buy from you causing other shops to get less profit. They will then also make their prices cheaper causing more sales. This will eventually just lead to everyone making their stock cheap to be able to keep up. (I won’t be held responsible for any irresponsible actions anyone takes with this information)


Anyway, I hoped you liked my article, if not it was my first ever article so tell me what I could improve :) 

DISCLAIMER: I based this off the survey I did. Since only 32 people responded this isn’t all to accurate but should give a rough and entertaining view at DMU’s economy!



NO NOT THE ECONOMY THATS WHAT MADE ME RICH-I mean down with capatilism whooo (not really I like my money)

Good thing I did nothing to the DMU Economy.... Definitely nothing at all.... 

I have 500k I think I'm financially stable to be able to waste profits on breaking the economy. Watch out DMU's Economy, Im coming for ya 

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