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[DMU Ban for hacking?]

Banned for apparently using a hacked client that bypasses watchdog.

{DMU Ban Appeal}CluefinderLord86:Cheating(Perm Banned)

I was banned for apparently using a hacked client that bypasses watchdog.
I was at spawn doing my own thing.
I feel it is very unfair how i was banned as i was told the replay mod was aloud on the server, and it isn't even an ingame client. It CERTAINLY doesn't give me any advantages and if it becomes so serious ban the mod not me :(  I showed a picture of it on the Showcase Channel on discord as a bit of fun and ended up being perm banned. I think i should at the most be let off with a serious warning, but i think i was told no, idk. I don't this i should be *perm* banned bc i didn't know


Thank you and all the best


Just to add, it wasn't for no reason. You could use the replay mod as a free cam thing. You looked under spawn which in some cases can give you an advantage over others. E.g seeing other people's underground bases and possibly ores in caves you are not in.

:( Physical Harm Time frown

 Its only a minecraft ban. I haven't made the choice as I am not staff. Dont take it that seriously

Good Afternoon Cluefinder,

I will be taking your appeal today. First Off I would like to make it clear that non of our bans are done in an unfair way, each ban has a legitimate reason behind it.
Your ban was classed under 'cheating', this form of cheating can be linked to xray due to your ability to see underground. As Raccoon also clearly stated, in some cases you can give yourself advantages over others, you could see hidden builds/bases and possibly in some cases ores underground. 
This cheating could also be classed as 'freecam' as you are going through the world taking advantage of it and possibly even then using it on the server.

Also I would like to add that a lot of people suffer from mental illnesses and issues related to the comment you made, I do not tolerate those kind of comments thrown out there if you haven't gotten your way. I find it very disrespectful. 
I also do not mean any of this in a mean way and the way the comment was put across can sadly be seen as guilt tripping.
However, if you are ever in need of help, please contact your local/national health service and talk to them.

You may reappeal in 1 month.

~ Olly {DMU Admin}

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