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How I find it making articles plus a wordsearch

Hello and today I am going to teach you how I make my articles which maybe ripping of Saturdays article, but I do not care I am Brett, and this is how I make my articles.



So, first off what I tend to do is a mind map to help me to come up with short story’s or as I have been doing more recently quizzes so what does my mind map look like you may ask well It sort of looks like this, I will use cowman’s revenge as an example.







                            Characters                                                                                Plot/story

Cowman’s revenge


                                                         Locations                                                                  The time and effort needed.







Anyway, moving on to how my articles are written I use Microsoft word to help me with my spelling and grammar mistakes, you might be wondering how this can help you well I will not do a coke and try to joke around all I will say is you can become a guest writer all you have to do is contact ben on discord Ben1Ben1#9857.


 There is plenty more that I do before I make my article before you can add other peoples name such as John or Matts you need to ask for permission of the person first. Otherwise, do not include them in the article because we will not be responsible it is now time for the bugle rules.


·         Do not spam us with messages with what is the next article going to be about (you will know when you see it)


·         Not unless Ben says you cannot become a full writer for bugle but try for a guest writer, we are looking for more.


Anyway, time for a wordsearch.






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