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DM Bugle - SJ Bricks Store!

DM Bugle

SJ Bricks Store!

By Ben1Ben1

This article has been hard for me to write.  Usually at the moment each week SWD releases 20 mods, 206 new YouTube videos and a SWDTeam member crashes DMU at least once. However this week it’s been somewhat quiet. 


Zelda infinity teaser came out last week which obviously is amazing and I’m not saying SWD isn’t working, but yeah not much new stuff to write about.


Instead I’m going back in time a bit to a different project - the SJ Bricks store.


Some people may not know what this is, but this is a store owned by 1WTC where he sells custom Lego figures that he produces. These figures are awesome from a wide range of media including breaking bad, daredevil, Star Wars and John Wick.


For someone like myself who loves Lego, it’s so cool that you can buy figures of characters that you love from TV. 


I don’t actually understand how John does it to be honest. Apparently using “pad printing” which Wikipedia says  “is a printing process that can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D object.”. Personally I’m very impressed at the overall process, and I might ask John for an interview about it in the future to understand more about it!


My favourite design is probably Daredevil as I love the detail and overall colours. I could definitely see someone using it in a stop animation.


I’d highly recommend checking the store out as it supports the almighty god 1WTC and you get awesome Lego figures! I’m looking forward to seeing future figures https://sjbricks.com/  He also has some other items you can find in SWD community discord in #sjbricks-store


If you’d be interested in an interview with 1WTC about the store, let me know below!


Have an awesome day!


Best DM Bugle so far!

And of course! Send me a message on Discord

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