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Being able to set custom structure files for TARDIS interior into the choose your interior option.

with the ability to pick our own TARDIS interior, we can handpick what the interior we want, making the hassle of making a specific TARDIS for a specific interior a thing of the past, but it would be cool if we can insert structure files for the TARDIS interiors option, this way people could have there owned interior in single player without the trouble of building it manually.  

Actually I can confirm that the 1.16 version does have the ability to load custom interior files

Haha, I often just say that whenever people suggest something we already have made but not released.

There is only 1 problem I can see with this, people could put in interiors with metalert blocks, netherite, etc

This could be a big problem in DMU servers

Other than that, it seems like a great idea

Ah, this won't be possible on servers I take it. Just for singleplayer.

It might still be able to work if you make it so expensive blocks dont load in with the interior?

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