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[DMU Grief Report] Asda grief report

Your Minecraft username: Jeffyoustuped21

Location of the grief (Coords / Dimension ID / Server): go to /warp shop and it is right behind you


NOTE: I have been aware there has been a large wall split in between asda (which I have built) and the parking lot right in front of asda (which I have also built) I am aware that I am banned on the server and I have NOT joined it since I have been banned but my brother (itsjustjamboss) who has access to the locked chest ect in asda told me about this grief. As well as this, to the left of asda is a mcdonalds (which again, I had built and according to him it had been griefed. Please could a moderator tell me exactly what happened and if you can get it removed. Thank you!


Before and after screenshots (Optional): Ask 1WTC as he knows I own that place.

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