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DM Bugle - The Library

DM Bugle

The Library

By Ben1Ben1

Is Ben just abusing his DM Bugle powers to advertise his new project? Yes.

Do I care? No.




This is going to be a real working library on DMU. There will be books for everyone to enjoy. Currently we are looking to add Doctor Who shorts, informative books, silly books such as Dr Seuss and even exclusive DM Bugle content! I will be looking through past works to create new books for the library! 


I am hoping it will become a real community hub on DMU. People will want to spend time there together, and should just be a general place of happiness. I’m hoping to prepare activities such as competitions, scavenger hunts and a book club! IKR a book club soo cool.


This is a project by Boog and I, and it’s still very WIP. Any support will be appreciated and we are starting to build our support teams. If you’d be interested join our discord here to find out more: https://discord.gg/us6dNDqhQR


If you have any ideas for the project, let me know in the discord or below!


Hopefully the library will be finished soon and then we can start working on its functionality.


Have an amazing day,


I think that's a super cool idea! Who doesn't like a library?

Donna Noble has left The Library. Donna Noble has been saved.

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