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my time on DMU

Hello and welcome. This story will be unlike any other. This is the story of how I became part of the DMU community.

It all started in late 2016, when I finally bought a premium Minecraft account. I had played on the dalek mod before but I had never been on this server, so once I bought the premium Minecraft account I set my sights on becoming one of the oldest members of the DMU community which to this day I think has not come up together very well.

But anyway I digress - The first name on the server I had was SkyThekidRE which I quickly changed big cause of a conflict I was in. I didn't enjoy this conflict very much as this was the original Torchwood, the DM server, but we aren't going to go into that. So then things get weird and complicated.

I took the name of BrettThekidRE and vowed to always fight on the right side of justice on the server, which I have semi done but to no avail because I have always gotten involved with people of conflict. I've tried to defend others and I have made some friends along the way, of course namely Alpha squad, another version of Torchwood and of course my friends who I share a town with this time is called Tahodi. I am very fond of the town but this was late 2017 that all of this happened. 

Anyway - I was part of Alpha squad from 2017 to early 2019 where there was a conflict about faction members, namely me not having the same opinions on the way they were acting on certain issues. Yes I know it was stupid but the conflict in Alpha squad were not what you would call heavy hitting. They could have been easily avoided if I stopped and thought about what I was doing - but no harm done I've gotten over it. Moving on in 2019, I was part of this new version of Torchwood that was instructed by silent inferno.


What I'm trying to say don't do what I did. Do not let your feelings get in the way of stuff you enjoy. Basically what I'm saying - don't take your friends for granted even if you don't agree with something, make sure it works, do not threaten staff members for help, do not constantly spam because that could end up making you lose a lot of friends. Having fights over stupid stuff like “should we team up with this faction”. Don't take your town for granted, just like I haven't - Danita is one of the nicest people I know. I wish I could say the same for a certain someone but alas I cannot. 

Thank you for reading. I don't know if this count toward what we're meant to do for the bugle but if not I have made quite a few number of friends, quite a number of staff members helped make the mod what it is. Over the years Matt, John, John, Luke and Mae they have made this mod what it is. Stay tuned for their newest upcoming Mod the Zelda Mod.

There will be no puzzle today. Thank you and goodbye.



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