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DM Bugle - SWD Community is weird...

DM Bugle

SWD Community is weird...

By Ben1Ben1

So SWD Community has gone weird recently. Overall general is a new hell hole, however there’s been a new trend. 


People are putting file extensions at the end of their names. I don’t really know what’s inspired this, however there have been multiple discussions around file types. Only a couple days ago Coke and I argued over whether Microsoft Word or Google docs was better. The answer is by the way, it depends on the situation however Word is better overall. 


For this thrilling article, I’m going to produce some amazing content - reviewing different file extensions. I will include the people who have these file extensions at the end of their names.




The irony in this brings me joy. PDFs are a fantastic accessible way to store documents. However one thing that I always here is that PDFs can be fake and used as cover ups for viruses. This is where the irony is. Henrik is a fake god, just like PDFs can be fake. Remember guys #HenrikIsFakeGod #MaeIsRealGod




Hehe ogg. I just like the name. Ogg. Ogg bogg. Ooga booga. Sorry got distracted. So I had heard of Oggs, but never really looked into them. It’s used for streaming and can store high quality multi-media. That’s cool and all but know what’s cooler. Ogg. 




These names. Why do file extensions just sound funny? You may be thinking - is this a file for storing rubbish? Well actually there’s a bit more logical answer. It is used to store compressed binary files, which is a lot less interesting than a file that stores rubbish. I am disappointed. Joe pick a new extension. 




I’d never heard of this one before. It stands for optical disc image. Now I don’t full understand it however it’s basically used to save stuff to discs. It looks a very useful thing, just seems a little unknown. I wonder why Mae picked this one? Is there a hidden story? Maybe Mae is in love with ISO files? Someone write some Mae and .iso file fanfic thanks.


I know others have extensions in their name, however I struggled to locate them all down! If you know of any other interesting file extensions, let me know down below! I always love learning new things.


Until next time,


iirc it was started by people arguing what file type was best like .png or .rar or something like that

iso is basically what people use to  for game images If you've lost the disc 

therwe is a file extension called EGG which is like rar or .zip basically an archive thing
i use it on the end of my name because EGG is egg and egg cool

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