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Appel my mincraft Newmarket07

hello so olly band my accident because i told him that a guys used an alt account so he banned me so iam a bet passed.


none of what you said made sense also please use the correct format so staff can understand your  issue

so i got banned for using an alt account by mistake so how did it start so i look up in YouTube how to get unbanned on Minecraft so i so dis like a web site that had a alt accents so i did not know what is a alt accent so i got it go it to the accent and dean i realse that i can appel so i appel and i got unbannd so i wnat play and i so a guys on alt accont so i told olly and he sad that how to you know that he in using an alt accont so i  told  him that i look up a youtube vid how do get un bannd a it show me dis website so i  go it it sa get an alt accont so that is what i did i got it so i got in back to the ser ver but i did not know how match pane is is for the alt accont and i did to know that you can appel so i appel and got unbannd and i so the guy that is using an alt and yeah i got bannd for no reason.

Ohhh your this guy XD. Well you do realise that alts are not allowed on the server, in any capacity whether it be from a YouTube video or website. As for your first point if you were banned already, 1. Why are you trying to get an alt that gets classed as ‘bypassing a ban’ which will have your whole ip banned and 2. You do realise that the staff, ANY staff member would ban you for using an alt too bypass a ban (I mean you say you got banned so ye). Also one last point please use proper words and proper English, it is really hard to understand you. 

Also why did you post the website you got the alt from here XD.

Using alternate accounts on the DMU server is allowed but frowned upon.

Yes but he also said it was too try too bypass a ban and that is deff not allowed (also as to ur question spark ur appeal will be answered by staff eventually, if they can understand what ur saying)



using MCleaks to bypass a ban or even log on to the server will result in an automatic permanent ban as those accounts are STOLEN from genuine community members. I will pass this along to Olly who will decide to accept or not. 



so I’ve had a chat with Olly and looked into why you were banned and seeing as you kept using stolen accounts to bypass your bans I will not be accepting your appeal at this time. 

using stolen accounts on DMU is not acceptable and using them to bypass current bans is even worse. For that reason you will remain banned for the time being.



-DMU Ultra-Admin

Appeal Denied. Thread locked.

This thread has been locked.