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DM Bugle - Guest Article - Reviewing ProffesorCoke’s Articles!

DM Bugle

Reviewing ProffesorCoke’s Articles!

By Acen4


Reviewing the one and only Proffessorcoke aka Penguin4life’s articles

Totally unbiased revieing by yours truly Acen

Well, we all know our favourite flightless bird and bugle blogger Coke!

So, in this article we will be as unbiasedly as possible trying to review Coke’s articles.

In his recent article he revealed his secrets to writing bugle articles and although he did tell us a bit, we still have lots to uncover.


Anyway, back to reviewing. I must say I love cokes articles since they are very entertaining in a certain way. Now its no secret that coke procrastinates… a lot.

Now this of course would put coke under a lot of pressure when writing his articles (I don’t blame hi btw I procrastinate a lot too) which sometimes causes them to be how I call them Cheap. He usually tries to get something written quickly. Now I think coke is an excellent writer in his own way but should put some more time into his articles.


Right then let’s go over some of his articles and rate them :D

Right then I have procured three bugle articles by everyone’s fav flightless bird:

1.    Cokes DMU Disco article https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9124&page=1#t_post_id_55350

2.    Cokes guide to ripping off the bugle https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9157&page=1#t_post_id_55440

3.    Cokes article on the bomb attack on Kingsman https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9001&page=1#t_post_id_54993

1.    Right then let’s start with the first. Now this article was very interesting however it has to be said that this one was made in a bit of a rush. If Olly hadn’t made that disco, I don’t know what coke would have written. I think it was a good article however made in a rush and not planned very well. 7/10


2.    Let’s straight off go to the next one shall we. This one was very interesting since we all want to know the ways of penguin. Right then, the article was very good it actually had some structure/planning behind it which is very good. This one didn’t seem to be all to rushed however:


Need I say more? Well, I will anyway


Smh clearly, we see coke here accepting ghost writers smh. I never thought coke would do something like that… ohh wait I did.

10/10 good article


And now last but not the least this article (I swear this is not a biased opinion just because I own Kingsman, actually it may be a little). Right this article from the planning perspective was good and actually well thought through (probably because I was involved). Anyway, the material used (aka the video) was nice however wasn’t originally made for the article but for something else. Now clearly, we saw how desperate coke was to get some bugle material as we see here 

(also, a quick mention ASwagMelon also owns Kingsman only coke forgot to mention them)

Other than that, the article was very good, and I rate it 8/10


I hope you all liked this article! 

From Ben1Ben1 - amazing article Acen! Thanks for writing it!

great article but I must point out the spelling mistake of him as hi

great article but I must point out the spelling mistake of him as hi

 Ahh yes thanks for telling me, but sadly it is to late to change

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