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DM Bugle - Guest Article - How to make a successful DMU Shop!

DM Bugle

How to make a successful DMU Shop!

By Acen4

So, since Ben was most gracious enough to let me guest write again here I am.

This article is a follow up of my article on DMU’s economy which you can find here https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9140 (you should probably read that one before this one for more context).

So today we will be focusing on how to make a good shop! Yes, that is right we are focusing on the money business.

So, the first step is to plan out your shop before you start anything. You can have different types of shops:

The normal shop: You run your shop all alone because you most likely do not have friends or do not want to share the money.

The little less normal shop: You choose to share your success with a friend and are not as greedy as to take all the money for yourself but still do not want to spread your success over too many people.

The very far from normal shop: This is the most uncommon type of shop. This would be more of a shop complex/marketplace. Here anyone could hire stalls/work here for some money.

(also, I have to say I am amazed at my own creativity with the shop names)


Right then, once you have chosen the type of shop you want to make it is time to start building. Here it is best to get as creative as possible and try to make a nice shop. Now it is understandable that some people may not be as great builders as others, I sometimes have difficulties with my builds, which is normal since everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. If so and you are not sure - find a friend who could help you (and hope they are not greedy like me and demand payment for their services).

Now keep in mind to adapt your build to the type of shop you are making. A normal shop will not need as much space as a little less than normal shop for example and when making a very far from normal shop keep in mind as an example if you are making a market to make sufficient stalls that people can hire to sell their stuff. 

Now we come to the real cash grabber: The stock!

Now I hope you have read my other article, however, fret not if you have not, I shall explain you the basics of getting rich.

You want to have a big variety in stock and have your prices just a bit below average (but I still really suggest you read my other article It would help you greatly).


Once you have your actual shop and your stock, now is the best time to make a discord for your shop. Having a discord server provides the benefit that players do not have to directly meet you in game to buy stuff but could rather order it over the discord. This would greatly improve your sales, and this means more profit.


And of course, try and get a warp for your shop this greatly helps for players to find your shop. You can of course also advertise it in chat however do not go spamming and later accusing me of encouraging this ;D.


And finally take your time, do not put pressure on yourself. The better thought through your shop is and the more time you invest the better it will get.


Good luck and I hope this guide may serve you well to securing your own fortune on the server ????


From Ben: Thanks again Acen for an amazing article - I love your content!



3/10 Again, just like last time, not enough potatoes.

 No this thread deserves a 9/10. Too much potatoes. 

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