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DM Bugle - Top 10 Horses

DM Bugle

Top 10 Horses

By Ben1Ben1


Hey all! Yes we are taking a break - but I wanted to make an extra special DM Bugle issue today, where I rank the top 10 horses EVERRR! Enjoy!


10. Donkey

He's not a horse

9. Joey from War Horse

Did anyone actually like this book or were we just forced to read it?


8. Minecraft Horses

They are kinda dull. Would be better if they flew. Also the name of this horse type is "Creamy Horse". Ew.

7. Bullseye from Toy Story

Bit of a lad. Would definitely invite him to a party.

6. Lloyds Horse

A horse that is very dramatic and thinks he is better than everyone else.


5. Buttercup from Toy Story

They are only so high on this list, as I'm pretty sure they will kill me. Look at those eyes.


4. Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony

Never seen the show, but she looks banter. She may also kill me.

3. Galarian Ponyta from Pokemon

Normal Ponyta but Drag.

2. Maximus from Tangled

Basically Kermit the frog if he was a horse, which makes no sense.


1. Reddash!!

The winner of course is the almighty Reddash, the most beautiful and insane horse around!


Happy Birthday Reddash!!

Reddash is one of SWDTeam's original founders and has contributed soo much to the community. We all love him as much as he may blow our houses up!



Make sure to wish him a very happy birthday!


I will also use this time to advertise his twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/reddash16_). He's been streaming pretty regularly and they are a lot of fun. You can often catch me there watching them! 




Until next week,


I can't believe Juan isn't in the list, smh...

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