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DM Bugle - A guide on how to make a DMU faction



Guide on making a faction






It’s me again! This is my first post as an official Bugle blogger, I hope you like it :D! Today I will be giving you a step-by-step guide on making your own faction!


Factions are a great part of DMU and are always fun to join since they give you stuff to do.




Now like my shop guide we will start with a planning phase. Here you have generally two options when making your faction. You can either do a film-based faction or something of your own invention. I will give you two examples: The jedi order would be a film-based faction since it is clearly based off Star Wars. Illusion corporation on the other hand is a more self-invented faction (these are both very pog factions on DMU that you can join).


Right let us assume you want to make a film-based faction you should straight up decide what film to base it off. Now for an example let’s say we want to make a faction based off the empire from Star Wars, first thing you want to do is gather some ideas for a base and a ranking system in your faction (we will go more in depth on these two factors later).




Now what if you want to make a faction off your own ideas. Let’s just call this faction APC Industries (AcensPoggersCommunity ???? (sadly not an actual faction... yet)).  Here we will do the same as for the film faction and get a rough idea for a base and ranking system. For this kind of faction, you will also want to start gathering thoughts on the purpose of the faction for example a secret service, a military faction, or just a nice place to hang out with others and build a small friendly community inside of DMU as this can change for example how the base or ranking system work.




The Base:


So, this is one of the most important parts to do. You of course want a nice base where you and the other faction members can come together. Now remember how I earlier told you to get some ideas, well now is the time to put them to good use. If you are making a film-based faction it is best to make a base somehow tied into a part of that film. Let’s get back to the example of the empire. Here you could make a star destroyer or any sort of imperial looking outpost, or if you are going for a time lord faction perhaps you could build the gallifrey citadel (I have literally no clue about doctor who, but you get the point (I hope)). If you are making a custom faction (back to the example of APC Industries) you could make whatever you wish, however its best to stick somewhat to the purpose of your faction. If it’s a military faction perhaps some barracks, or for a secret service perhaps a secret hidden base, but its best to just let your imagination run wild.


The Ranking System:


Now this is another juicy part of the faction making. Now you may ask why this is so important. The reason is having ranks through which you progress gives members of the faction purpose and motivation to stay and be active in the faction. Also having a certain hierarchy in the faction is usually a good thing making it so that you can so to say unlock certain permissions in the faction along the way. For some factions its also a good idea to make a “training rank”. Basically, people would start or at some point get to this rank and would need to pass some sort of training to progress.




Now I have been debatably leaving the most important for the end: The Discord


Now this is where we combine the earlier parts. You will want to make the roles for the ranks that you gathered earlier and give them their perms (also make sure that they don’t have @ everyone perms). Have a couple of nice chats (#advertising for shameless self-promo for your members ????). Anyway, an information channel is also good to inform new members about your faction and some hot welcome messages (use carl-bot not Dyno or Mee6 they smell).




Some additional things you want to think about:


Here are some other things worth considering:


1.     Do you want a warp? Sure, it sounds very appealing, but a warp is not always what you want to look out for. Perhaps you would like to make a little faction or if it’s a secret service faction etc. But if you do want a warp you should try and go for it (warp requirements can be found at /warp help (correct me if I am wrong)).


2.     A unique faction skin. Some factions have this (I am not too fond of this idea however it still can be a cool thing), just make a custom skin that members of the faction can wear to show that they are a part of it!


3.     A banner for your faction! Yes, you can make a banner for your faction and stick it all over your base, I mean why not?


4.     And last but not the least you can make a specific shop for your faction (check out my guide on how to make a shop https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9222). This would especially help if you were making bigger projects that need funding (also it gets you some good money ????).


I hope this guide helps you to make your own faction and if it does be sure to let me know either on the discord or in the comments ????!



 I mean if you want it, ok I guess so

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