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Swd Bugle

Hello there, I am Brett and welcome to the first SWD-bugle post.


Now we decided this was the best option as we aren’t just about the dalek mod anymore, we have started to make articles on wotw mod and coming soon is the Zelda mod, so we thought it would be best to change the name to suit all the mods into one bugle sector.


Anyway, as you know most of us took a week break,

and I can say for me it did a world of good so here is a new short for you all to enjoy.



Chapter 1. The change

It was a while ago since this happened, but you know it is still a shock to this day to see both mods playing together, which was a nice change however the newest version of the dalek mod made the worst change ever as the daleks have become stronger and this could be bad for new or returning players, as they may not have known about the upgrade but one thing was certain the mod would never be the same again, it all seemed to happened very quickly the clash of mods and the fanbase for each mod, could this be solved before it was too late…


Tune in next week and we will see what happens.


Puzzle time!!!!!!


Swd Bugle this is about the swd team and the mods and possibly the bugle writers - Crossword Labs



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