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[Discord Ban appeal] Atomical#1570/Atomical#0346: Reason for ban: Misunderstood making jokes about the OVH fire.

Discord account username and ID: Atomical#1570 (Formerly Atomical#0346)


Why you were banned: I was misunderstood as making jokes/fun of the fire and data loss at the OVH data/hosting centre.


Ban duration: Permanent, probably.


What were you doing last in the discord: Posting a link to the live stream saying "pog" (a mistake)


Any previous bans: On DMU yes, it was a mistake. Discord, no.


Why you think you should be pardoned early: I have been banned from the SWD Discord for what a reason I believe was untrue. You see, when SWD had posted their live stream talking about the OVH Centre fire, the DMU data being lost, etc. I posted it in #general on the Discord server with a caption/context of "pog", which I had worded wrongly.  I understand it may have been worded wrong and I strictly agree with that, and posting that when on Warning 3 or thin ice already wasnt the best idea, i had also been warned by Henrik (or god if you like) earlier that day for speculation. If I am pardoned, I would not mind keeping my warnings or any punishements I previously had and I apologise. If you so please,  I wouldn't mind posting this in the Ban Appeals forum.



I have spoken with some Discord members after being banned and they have confirmed that the Discord believes I was "making fun/jokes about the fire and DMU being lost" or something along that. 

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