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DM Bugle - Reviewing Murder


Reviewing Murder


By yours truly Acen






We all know and love our favourite bugle blogger Penguin4life, and today I will yet again be reviewing his articles (at this point he is starting to get as prominent in my articles as I in his). However, we will be focusing on his murder articles (in my opinion some of this best articles).


So, before we start off I would just like to say that you should definitely read the articles here:






Right then let’s start with the first!


Alright I just want to say that this was rigged (at least that’s what I said on the interview, but I forgot so we will take my past selves’ word on this).


It started off really good with coke introducing me as a hitman! Ikr I just accept any job if I get paid! The fact that coke actually thought I was up for the challenge is quite laughable actually (I actually was up for the challenge, but coke rigged it, we will get to that later). Anyway, back to reviewing. This article was done greatly, and what is hard to believe is coke didn’t procrastinate! This was a very well planned through article (also it was very fun, maybe because I was involved).


I would rate this article a 9/10 mainly because it was rigged. Now if you are wondering how it was rigged, I forgot so lets just pretend coke did something terrible to betray me.




Murder part 2


This was another great instalment of murder! However, with a difference from the last instalment... there was a twist! And guess what the twist was:




Yes! I have returned to murder to stab innocents (so next time you see me in murder you can safely assume that I am part of some mass murder plot). Fun fact I managed to bribe myself in. Yes, that’s right! Since I sponsored the game (I gave coke 50k for murder and now I am bankrupt ?) I was allowed to be a twist to the game.


This was actually a really good idea on cokes part to make people think that I was a normal innocent but in reality, I was an impostor! Yea coke is starting to bring among us to DMU. It was very fun I got to backstab a friend! Then I killed another bunch of Randoms (actually only one, the “actual” murderers killed the rest).


At the end the drama sack burst after a certain competitor broke rules and caused some chaos (perfect material for a desperate penguin).




All in all, this article was very good just like the other, it had a certain amount of planning and thought put to it. Along with the twist that makes me give this article a 10/10!




I hoped you like this article!




Look out for next weeks articles focusing on 15 things to do on DMU when bored!


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