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SWD Bugle - The Future of the Bugle!

SWD Bugle

The Future of the Bugle!

By Ben1Ben1


In a week we have:

- Changed name

- Built a new HQ

- Lost the server including the new HQ.


So yeah. Just a couple changes. Not much.


I wanted to write this article summarising where the bugle stands after the fire. If you don't know what I'm talking about I will give you a high-speed summary.


The server where DMU Public, DMU Beta, DM Survival SWD series, SWD Survival series etc was stored, sadly caught fire and it was all lost. It's all gone and there is no way to restore it. You can beg staff all you want for things to be returned, but we cannot physically return it. However JAWNN has been awesome and managed to find an older save for DMU Beta which he is adding back. To simplify the entire situation, it's like DMU Public had a reset where nothing was carried over.  DMU Public should hopefully be back online soon. If you want to know the proper and more accurate details, watch the latest videos on the SWDTeam youtube channel.


All our recent articles have been on the forums, which has had no issues so they are all saved. So Wahoo! That's the good news of the article over.


Our New HQ... is gone. After existing for about three days, it is entirely gone so yeah we will need a new new HQ! The HQ will not be a priority when back on the server, but once I get time we will work on one.


The sadder bit is the written articles stored there. Sadly I'm a plonker, and didn't save the old issues. I have saves of issues 5-13, but I'm still searching for issues 1-4. I know players have helped me locate them before, so if you were one of those and can do it again, I'd really appreciate it. 


In terms of articles, we will continue trying to post daily, but please be patient. There isn't much SWD news to comment on at the moment, while staff and SWD are working on fixing the server. It may be we may have to take some breaks writing while waiting for the server to come back.


My main message - Be nice to SWD and Staff! They have been working very hard to bring back DMU as quickly as possible, so be patient and polite!


I hope to bring more positive news next time.


Until then,



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