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SWD Bugle - Adventures of Fr1dgeMagn3t - THE RETURN!

SWD Bugle

Adventures of Fr1dgeMagn3t

By Ben1Ben1


Hello all! Planning on relaunching the adventures of Fr1dgeMagn3t short series, so I thought I’d do a compilation of all the old shorts! Enjoy!


Dear Diary,

well scrap of paper I found on the floor,


Today I somehow appeared here. I'm not really sure where here is though. I spoke to this flying unicorn and he said "DMU". He was pretty cool. So I wandered around to see what there is and then I found this Pepper Pot the size of me. I got closer and saw he was holding a plunger, so I realised he must have been a plumber pepper pot! But then he started twiddling this whisk and shouting "Exterminate!". Usually a whisk means cake so I was excited, but this bright beam of energy was going straight toward me. I used my intelligence to build a dirt wall to protect me. As I hid behind the wall, I tried to make a plan. I decided I was going to reason with the pepper pot by giving him a poppy. My thoughts were that a provoked plumber pepper pot would prefer a poppy rather than a petunia. But as I was planning, I heard some fighting going on behind me and then it all went silent. I slowly looked around, poppy in hand, and saw the pepper pot had fallen over and all that was left was this blob. This small white blob had arms, legs and a face. He smiled at me.  Diary, this DMU is cool, I think I'm gonna stick around for now. P.S I named the blob Fredrick.

Dear Diary,


Today was weird. After yesterday’s fun with the pepper pot, I decided to follow Fredrick around. He showed me all the amazing parts of DMU. It did not take long.  We visited a jungle where I met all his family, there were a lot of them. Lots of blobs. It was blobtastic. It took a long time to walk there, so once we arrived it was dinner time. I wasn’t sure what blobs eat but apparently it’s cats. Yes cats. I asked the magical unicorn man and apparently blobs find cats to be perfect savoury with a good umami flavour whereas melons are too sweet for them. I tried to give them a cake, but they thought it was a war threat and started preparing their defences. After some tea and crumpets, Fredrick helped to explain that I meant it as a gift, not as a threat. I was still confused however how small blobs managed to take down a cat, so Fredrick introduced me to their hunter. Well I’m not really sure if they were a hunter, I don’t speak blob but I named them Gemma. I’m now very hungry, so they are going to get me a cat. Diary, I need some help. I don’t want Kentucky Fried Cat and my favourite film is Top Cat.


Dear Diary,


Today was pretty normal. The blobs went out hunting a cat for my dinner, so I stayed back with Fredrick. He showed me some amazing magic tricks, like turning lava and water into cobblestone. I was shocked. I’m pretty sure Fredrick might actually be a god. I spoke with Mr Magical Flying Unicorn Man and apparently it’s just a “Cobblestone generator” but I think it must be magic. If it wasn’t magic then I could do it, but when I tried I just burnt down the entire jungle where the blobs lived. Oops. While I wandered about to put the fires out, this glowing beam surrounded me. It tickled, I liked it. However then I started to fly upwards, that was not so fun. I blacked out and when I woke up, all I had was you diary. I’m in this dark room with nothing to do, so I thought I’d write to you. You may wonder how I can write in a dark room without a pen, but that’s for you to figure out. Overall it’s been a pretty boring day. Bye bye Diary.


Find out what happened to Fr1dgeMagn3t soon!


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