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A fraction between mods

I would like to present atom with the win as his was the only crossword I saw that was attempted which also means he gets a mention in this article if he wishes it to happen.


Chapter 2. The WAR!!!

Now that both mods where on 1 server it was only a matter of time before it made the server rebel and fight. It would lead to a war that would determination which was the better mod, but not only would the mods cause a war, but the community would be split determining by the mod they most play. Atom and Brett must now join forces to disable the feud before it can spread to the rest of the server, but would it be to late for the fanbases had started to clash and rage against each other, this was the darkest hour since cowman invaded DMU. Could our brave hero’s save the world for themselves?


My second upload will be later on.



Tune in next week and we will see what happens.

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