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Cowmans past and Matt's unlikness of cows

Cowman’s past and why he hates DMU.


This should hopefully be my second upload of the day.

So, then a look into cowman’s past.


One day a few year ago there was the protected of the Minecraft cows, but this wasn’t the cowman we know today this was a nicer more politer version of him that is until the great cow killer started to make his rounds, the killers name was Matt, who started to kill cows when they started to drink his Pepsi when he wanted to order a pizza canzoni and all he got was cow’s because they ate his pizza, so from that day forward matt swore vengeance on any and all cows but little did he know he would make a terrifying enemy.


A few month later the Swdteam released update 43 which was the first sly introduction to cowman.

He decided to kill matt on Skaro using the new acid rain feature then travelled back in time to add his own feature into the mod this was of course the cow with the name story mode.


While update 46 doesn’t involve cowman it did involve cowman’s troops which apparently needed the help of new member of the team (name redacted) but this saw a new model for the daleks.


Update 49 was the next time cowman showed up and this time he was not alone, he was working with the daleks, cybermen and other alien beings to bring about the Swdteam and the server’s destruction and so cowman sent out a redstone signal that prevented the team from leaving the safe but there was one problem. John was one step ahead of cowman being readding the vortex manipulator.

Thus, traveling to the past such as Minecraft classic, 2013 and then 2015 which is where matt picked up his key from his past self and this then lead to 2019 which is where a war broke out to either save the server or doom it forever but of course it was saved thanks to Matt and John.

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