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SWD Bugle - Upcoming DMU Projects!

SWD Bugle

Upcoming DMU Projects!

By Ben1Ben1


Hellooooo all!


Just before this article, I wanted to let you know about DMU. I was on the other night, and it’s looking really brilliant. I’m looking forward to when all of you get to come on! Thank you to everyone who’s been patient and remember to thank SWDTeam and Staff for all their hard work at the moment. 

With the upcoming new DMU, I thought I’d advertise some cool projects I know of which are being relaunched once DMU is back that I’d recommend joining. All their discords will be linked.


SWD Bugle

Free advert wahooo. But seriously, SWD Bugle will be continuing after the reset and we will be getting a new HQ with some other added bonuses I’m sure. I’d highly recommend reading it (especially my articles, they are great) and make sure to keep checking in for any future roles or possibilities. https://discord.gg/AVN8Krxr



DMUs biggest city is returning after the new reset and all I can say is poor Joe having to rebuild it all XD If you are interested in a modern looking town, then I really recommend joining SWDCity. Our HQ has lived their a long time! https://discord.gg/AA4bSpwX


The Library

A while back I mentioned the library I was building on DMU with Bug. It was close to release however of course it got a bit too lit. I’m really looking forward to bringing this back to DMU with monsieur Boooog, so if you are interested in reading or want to join a cute community on DMU, make sure to join the Library! It will take a while before it’s released but we will add it eventually. https://discord.gg/Hvm2feN6



A classic town on DMU, if you are more into natural more village style towns then join Tahodi. I’ve lived at tahodi many times in the past, and I’m hoping to again! I can reveal that Tahodi this time will be split into smaller regions with different themes per each region! It’s going to be great to see the different themes. https://discord.gg/ytY4gg8

This is just four of the new projects - however if you are working on or know of another new project coming soon to DMU, please let me know down below or message me on discord Ben1Ben1#9857. Then I can advertise them in future articles!


Have an amazing day!



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