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SWD Bugle - A guide to a good start on the new server


A guide on starting on the new server!


-by yours truly Acen




So unless you have been living under a rock you may have noticed that the server buildings in which the DMU server where located burned down and all of DMU and other stuff where obliterated. However, staff and SWD team are currently working on a new server so in this article I will be giving you a guide how to get a good start to the new server!



Well first the obvious thing is getting a TARDIS or a vortex manipulator (I recommend a TARDIS). Now try and get a TARDIS that you will keep for a long time (mainly because if you are one of the first people to get a TARDIS and you are in the first 15-50 that is pretty cool).



Now the very next thing is not to go for some really shiny armour or op weapons but what you really want to do is loot the end. Yes, that’s right set random cords in your TARDIS and try and get as many elytras and shulkers as possible. Even if you don’t need more than one this can really give you an advantage if you sell them later and give you a good head start to the economy.



Now this is not an all to important one, but it can save you a lot of time later. Kidnap as many villagers as you can, this can save you lots of trouble as you won’t have to cure them later. Also try and get mending villagers as they are a good cash grab.



Now after a couple of days of the server being up you want to start and gather lots of resources, especially key items for making TARDIS’ and just general valuables like metalert and diamonds. Since everyone is starting from scratch you will have a good chance at selling these stuff (however keep in mind when selling that most people won’t have a lot of money so you might want to wait about a month till selling any items for some good profit).


Opening a shop is another great method to getting a good head start to the economy. (read my guide on that here ????https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9222)


Thanks for reading my article and I hope you liked it :D


Sad to say it but not all of us want to be a shop owners this days

Sad to say it but not all of us want to be a shop owners this days

how do i create a thread?

 Top right there is a button called "create thread" 

Sad to say it but not all of us want to be a shop owners this days

 Indeed, I just included it since its a good way to get money

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