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Swd Bugle - the worst article ever

The worst bugle article evaaar!


Yo guys it me your slime your favourite twitch streamer and local garbage boi. This is the literal worst bugle article ever. So bad you will never want to read the bugle again. I bet you thought coke would be writing this article when you saw the title (jk coke I love you :D, please marry  me).

So recently on Dmu I married a furry and now I am looking for emotional support and a divorce lawyer. If you are either you can contact me danke.

Here is some shamless self promotion to end this awefull article: https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9303 https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9277 https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9249 https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9222 https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9220 https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9140

hello Acenp, thank you for the reading material while in school

-josh :)

p.s. note i am a hitman and divorce lawyer and also good emotinal support messgae me on discord and ill get back to you (note i need name of person and i also offer very very low prices for certain people (you being onr of them))



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