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SWD Bugle - Adventures of Fr1dgeMagn3t

SWD Bugle

Adventures of Fr1dgeMagn3t

By Ben1Ben1


Dear Diary,


I haven’t spoken to you in a while. I’ve been a bit busy PARTAYING. Yes PARTAYING. With the A. Don’t forget the A. 


You may be confused so I’ll catch you up. After being picked up by the big tractor beam, I was locked in the dark room for a few days. Then the door opened up to a world. A world of beauty.


It was filled with balloons, and music, and cake, and presents. And there were these creatures all over the place. They look like potatoes and are very funny. They also like to laugh a lot, going “ha” everywhere. 


I asked them why they picked me up and apparently they just wanted to party. I was suspicious at first but then I saw a buffet and my mind changed. After my experiences with cats I was ready for some proper food.


I did wonder how Fredrick was doing back on DMU. I hope he’s alright. I hope he’s not looking for me. Maybe I could ask the potato people to bring him to the party?


I’ve spent the past few months just enjoying the parties on the ship. It’s been so much fun spending time with my potato friends.


However, something weird happened the other day. As I was boogieing to Night Fever, out the window I saw the flying unicorn. He neighed at me and I saw something in his hand. It looked like it was a piece ripped out of Fredrick’s cobblestone generator. It had been obliterated.


How? Why? I didn’t know, but there must be an answer somewhere.


Which is why I’ve returned to you diary. I need to think about this logically and make a plan as I am now - DETECTIVE FR1DGEMAGN3T. 


I dont know who Fr1dgemagn3t is but I know one thing, we need more of them. These articles are very entertaining! 

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