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Chapter 3 The Plan

Chapter 3, The plan


So, then our adventure is a dangerous one.


Brett and Atom have been transmatted to Gallifrey, which of course is home to the time lords and Tardises but who was the one to need their assistance. Brett and Atom decided to look around the citadel for any signs of life to which they found the master or who they imagine to be the master.


Anyway, back on earth there was threats between both fractions that are about to lead to fatal events in the future, but right now the time lords have intervened and are shielding the server and turning pvp off, but it is only a temporary solution which is why Brett and Atom were brought to Gallifrey.


Something was wrong Atom had disappeared from the sight of Brett and more worrying the master had vanished as well…


Brett was puzzled at this prospect and asked about his friend to which everyone on Gallifrey shrugged their shoulders and was wondering if he was ok.

“What could have happened” Brett said…

To Be Continued in chapter 4



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