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[Discord Ban Appeal] devcode#1570 | Reason for ban: Misunderstood Joke, and having 3 warnings..



Discord account username and ID: devcode#1570 (used to be Atomical#1570)


Why you were banned: According to the response on my last appeal, the reason is part the badly-timed joke and the 3 warnings.


Ban duration: Permament


What were you doing last in the discord: I had posted a link to the live stream to #general that Matt had posted to #announcements with the caption "pog". I was banned straight after.


Any previous bans: Nope.


Why you think you should be pardoned early:  I have thought about my behaviour on the server, and understand it was too far regarding the warnings and excessive swearing, amongst arguing with staff several times for what I believe was idiotic of me. I apologise for the rudeness I have caused to staff and other members in the Discord server and would like to start again. If you so want, I will not mind keeping warnings or other sorts of punishements. I should NOT have posted the live stream to general when it was already in announcements nor should NOT have put such a vague caption or anything close to it. I am sorry for this.


Regarding the badly timed joke again, I understand it was posted at the wrong time and with a very vague caption that could mean a number of different things. 


I apologise. 


Hello Atom!


I've read your appeal, and you show that you actually understand why you were banned, and if you're true to your words you will have changed and stopped your behaviour that got you banned in the first time.


You will stay on Warning 3, but these warnings can dissapear over time, however, if this behaviour continues we will not unban you after just 2 weeks again.


With that out of the way, welcome back to the server.

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