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SWD Bugle - How I write my articles!


How I write my articles!


 -yours truly Acen




Hello there! In this article I will be going over on how I write my articles! Now I have been looking forward to this. I thought since I have been writing articles for a decent amount of time, I feel pretty safe in writing this.




1.    Now the first step usually happens before I even start writing. I gather ideas and I do this all the time. Whenever an idea for a bugle article comes to my mind, I write it down on my phone and whenever I need to write an article I can just pick from that list.




2.    In the second step we will be focusing on gathering some more concise ideas for this article. Let me take an example of my very first article looking at DMU’s economy (the old DMU (link will be listed at the end of the article)). In this step I got my general idea on what I wanted to look at when writing the article here for example this was people average balance and also how having a shop affects your balance. This is a very important part in my opinion since it gives you a general idea on the structure of your article.






3.    Eat something and drink coffee (#coffeeForLife)!




4.    Now after you planned everything its time to gather material needed for your article. This can be videos surveys pictures etc.




5.    And now we come to the juicy part! Writing the article. This is pretty straight forward.




6.    Now go over it a couple of times looking for mistakes and other stuff that might not make to much sense and can be corrected.




7.    Drink more coffee!






And that’s about it! I hoped you liked this article and thanks for reading ????






Article mentioned earlier https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=9140



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