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[DMU, Discord Ban appeal] Your MC Username: jeffyoustuped21 [Ban Length] Never

Minecraft username: Jeffyoustuped21

Why you were banned: Rudeness. accusing staff of theft, abuse

Ban duration: Never

What were you doing last on the server: Waiting for reset, wait that was not on the server, err getting banned?

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): According to my "Ban count" This is my first ban meaning I should have be pardoned in a week, I understand there has been a reset, yet I know other people's bans have been removed. I may be incorrect, but I am pretty sure the ban name has changed. As this is a fresh new server, why don't we have a fresh new start? My bans have been reset, should I do the same actions again you can perm ban me. With being unbanned from the server could I also be unbanned from the discord. Thank you!


If you are not willing to count this as a new ban, could you consider this as my appeal which I was advised to make in around a week and change my perm ban to a week ban. Thank you!

Your ban data was destroyed in the fire. Therefore your ban count is oncorrect. We do still have records of your bans though in our Discord logger.


This means that yes, this is still the same ban from January.


I will unban you this one final time on the condition that you read the rules and do not repeat the behaviour you've been banned for multiple times already. If you don't follow the rules again and end up being banned, I'm sorry but it will be a perm ban with no appeal.

so just to double check, as i am still discord banned, am i just banned on discord? If you need my username it is Wolfie#6952

For now you are only unbanned from our DMU server. You may re-appeal for your ban on our Discord in 1 month, which will also give us time to make sure that your behavior has been improved.

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