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SWD Bugle - Adventures of Fr1dgeMagn3t

SWD Bugle

Adventures of Fr1dgeMagn3t

By Ben1Ben1


Dear Diary,


Bad news. The PARTAYYY ran out of cheese and onion pringles. All they had left was salt and vinegar. It broke my heart.


Oh! Also turns out the potatoes are destroying DMU.


Yeah so after discovering part of Fredrick's cobblestone generator yesterday, Detective Fr1dgeMagn3t was on the case to find out what happened to it.


I looked around the ship however I had little success. Each time I started searching, a potato person would come by inviting me to PARTAYYY, and how can you say no to a little partaying.


However after a while I got peckish, so slid out of the partay to the kitchen. I was looking around for some digestives when I heard some potatoes walking in.


As the ninja I am, I quickly activated stealth mode and hid behind a mop. 


Luckily potato people aren't very clever and didn't see me.


However I overheard them talking and the one with the funny eyebrows said something like "Zone 42 has been eliminated. All wildlife has been successfully captured for project D.O. We will be at full capacity soon".


I don't fully understand what this means, but it isn't good. I need to find out more!


Diary I'm worried about Frederick. Let's hope he hasn't been captured.


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