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Spam joining issue

Ok so, I dont think there can be much of a format to follow with this but if there is, put it in the comments and I'll edit my thread with it. 

Suggestion: Ban people who constantly spam join. 

With the rising amount of players who constantly want to get on DMU, there comes all the people who spam join continuously to get on. This lags the server and makes it less enjoyable whilst playing online. The reason I am suggesting to ban them is because of the sheer amount of lag that can be cut down if they are banned for a couple of days. The ban length could vary depending on the amount of times they tried to join. E.g 100 times in an hour (not sure how you would count it tbh, maybe a plugin that counts the joins per hour or something?) could result in a 3d ban whilst someone who tries to join around 50ish times an hour would only be banned for maybe a couple hours/a day. 

As the people who are spam joining can only be seen through the raw console, as Matt said in #dmu-talk, this would have to involve people that John trusts well enough with to have permission to the console without abusing it. It may also have to increase the amount of moderation that people are putting in but for the amount of lag it could reduce, it may be a good trade off.

Now as it is not in the rules, people have been told continuously to not spam join on the discord, yet people are doing so. Maybe there could be a formal announcement as well as this saying that any people who spam join extensively will receive some sort of punishment. 


I feel I may have worded this a bit weird but I hope you get the general idea I am trying to at least hint at. 


Edit: John read the forum after I linked it to him and I had a response of: 

He also said this could help deter people from wanting to join so often to which I replied with, if it is a LARGE amount of times the player is trying to join, thats when a temporary ban comes into place.

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